Phase diagrams

The phase diagram display simply contours the zero abundance level of system phases in order to generate a crude phase diagram. This display is preliminary and will be enhanced in a future release. See also Contour plots.

To produce the phase diagram:

  1. Perform a calculation.
  2. Under Plotting options, click Phase Diagram button.
    A phase diagram overlay appears only if results of calculations are visible in the grid cell display. Note that the plot may take a few moments to draw, with computations for each curve being performed in the background.
  3. If you want to configure the overlay, do the following:
    1. Move the mouse pointer to inside the phase diagram.
      A configuration dialog is revealed. (The dialog vanishes once the pointer leaves the phase diagram overlay.)
    2. Select options:
      • alpha - Opacity of the overlay, 0 = transparent, 1 = opaque
      • minimum - Minimum contour value (blue)
      • maximum - Maximum contour value (red)
      • interval - Contour interval
      • smooth - Smoothing parameter for contour generation. 1 = no smoothing, 10 = maximum smoothing
      The color palette is the same as that for mineral phases plotted on the underlying grid.

To close the phase diagram overlay, click Pie Chart Grid button.