PhasePlot 2.0: User guide

PhasePlot™ calculator is a computational thermodynamics software package for visualizing equilibrium phase relations in application to the Earth and other silicate planetary bodies.

PhasePlot finds use in both teaching and research.

The program determines abundances and compositions of solid and liquid phases based upon several thermodynamic data/model collections, including the work of Ghiorso and colleagues (MELTS and pMELTS) on magmatic systems and the work of Stixrude and Lithgow-Bertelloni on phase relations in silicate systems at high pressure.

The objective of PhasePlot is rapid visualization of equilibrium phase relations with the aim of promoting a deeper understanding of complex multicomponent systems and the utility of computational thermodynamics in broadening our appreciation of the natural world. The goal of PhasePlot is to create a computational environment that stimulates thinking about phase equilibria and its applications to natural systems, without the burden and distraction associated with the mechanics of performing these calculations. PhasePlot is a sophisticated calculator for the researcher and student of high-temperature phase equilibria.

What's new in this version

PhasePlot 2.0 introduces entropy-pressure, volume-temperature, and entropy-volume grids. It also presents continuous density contour plots and the ability to manipulate images. Enhanced status indicators in grid cells allow quick identification of problematic calculation results. Feedback is welcome.

Installing PhasePlot

PhasePlot is a Mac OS 10.7+ (Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite) app that is available from the App Store. Please visit for more information.

Sending feedback

To communicate bugs, suggestions and comments back to PhasePlot Technical Support, please use the feedback form. (On the PhasePlot menu, click Send Feedback.)

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