Contour plots

The contour plot is highly configurable and permits display of any compositional variable of any phase in the system. The abundance of the phase may also be contoured. Like the phase diagrams, contour plots appear as an overlay on the calculation results. There are two types of contour plots: Traditional contour plots, which use curves, and continous density contour plots, which use color variation to show density. See also Display and manipulate grid images and contour plots.

To produce a contour plot:

  1. Perform a calculation.
  2. Under Plotting options, click Contour Plot button.
  3. To specify the type of contour plot, click the preferences shortcut button and select or deselect Show continuous density contour plots.

To configure the contour plot:

  1. Produce the contour plot.
  2. Move the mouse pointer to inside the contour plot.
    The configuration dialogs appear. (These vanish once the pointer leaves the contour plot.)
  3. Select options:
    Aesthetic options
    • alpha - Opacity of the overlay, 0 = transparent, 1 = opaque
    • minimum - Minimum contour value (blue). Use the slider, or click the value and then type.
    • maximum - Maximum contour value (red). Use the slider, or click the value and then type.
    • interval - Contour interval. Use the slider, or click the value and then type.
    • smooth - Smoothing parameter for contour generation. 1 = no smoothing, 10 = maximum smoothing
    Content options
    • Phase - Select the phase to plot from the popup menu.
    • Plot - Select Mass, Weight %, Mole %, or System. If you select Weight %, Mole %, or System, then configure one of the following:
      • Oxide - Select oxide bulk composition variable (wt %)
      • Endmember - Select solid solution endmember component (mole %)
      • Other - Select a property of the system
    • Replot - Click to redo the contour plot.

To close the contour overlay, click Pie Chart Grid button under Plotting options.